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with Candice McField Health Coaching

Transform Your Body with Your Customized Plan

Looking to eliminate excuses and the guesswork? Your customized plan will be designed to fit your schedule and abilities with or without the gym.

Break Down Long-Term Ambitions Into Effective Daily Sessions

Have a specific goal? Your customized plan will break down your long-term ambitions into effective daily sessions.

Received Unlimited Phone, Text and Email Support from Candice

Have a specific health or fitness question? Simply send us your questions via the Ask button in our Apps and Candice will answer.

Ensure Proper Form with Images & Video

Not sure how to perform an exercise? Our image and video illustrations for every exercise, ensures you will have proper form.

Log Your Reps, Sets and Weight Amounts for Each Exercise

Can’t remember what weight you used last time? With strength & cardio tracking, previous workout history and more, never guess again.

Record Body Stats, Progress Photos and More

Looking to change your body? Record your measurements, bodyfat and more. Plus while you’re at it, tag it with a photo.

Sync Your Workout Data on the Cloud and Multiple Devices

Your workout data is precious, so we protect it. With auto-backup, your account automatically saves to the cloud and multiple devices.