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Candice took my nutrition and workouts to the next level. Her efficient and results oriented style works great for a busy executive like me.
~ Tammy E., Vice President

Candice is an outstanding coach. She knows how to help people reach their goals, because she lives it, every day. She is highly committed to helping you create optimal health. Her program works with my busy travel schedule!”
~ Laura O., CEO

Candice has truly revolutionized my working out experience. Prior to Candice, I was logging in roughly 10 miles daily and doing light weights. I was frustrated as I really wasn’t seeing results in my body, and given my increasing work schedule I could no longer spend 2.5 hours a day at the gym. Working with Candice has been an amazing blessing for me, in that she taught me how to workout ‘efficiently’. Candice custom designs my workouts and definitely feel the burn….and I’m seeing results. My body has never looked better and I’m not spending nearly as much time at the gym daily. Efficiency and effectivity: the 2 critical things that Candice has done and continues to do for me with my workouts. She keeps my body guessing, and I’m seeing the results. If you want to revolutionize your workouts, Candice is the answer.
~ Jerry C., Global Business Development Executive

Candice motivated me to eat right without guilt. Her plan is sustainable & helped me concentrate during doctoral study.
~ Dr. James F.

Very user-friendly and convenient for those on the road.
~ Carleton M., Pilot

I really enjoyed the targeted area workout. It was a refreshing challenge each time.
~ Denisse M., International Marketing Director

Candice is a well rounded trainer that touches all aspects of fundamental health gains! Candice goes beyond teaching you how to appear healthy, her programs start with a mental approach and moves on to personal commitment and self recognition.
~ Marlon P., VP of Operations

Being over 40 and having a chronic disease, I thought I would never be able to look or feel the way I used to. Candice changed all of that by giving me the tools that work for me – my life is my own again!
~ Brooke F., Marketing Consultant

Working with Candice to unlock optimal performance by constructing a nutrition and fitness plan for me encouraged me to not only seek results but take ownership of my health and wellness.
~ Mykia C., Production Manager

Candice showed me how to truly keep my meals to what my body needs.  She showed me how to EAT.
~ Erika M., Business Owner

I was able to go through my closet this week and get rid of some items that are too big for me so that is great!
~ Jasmine D., Benefits Coordinator

I love the convenience of productive workouts on my phone in one app. The options of weights, machines or body weight is great!
~ Krystal H., Finance Assistant

Candice is GREAT about working with your individual situation. I’ve learned so much about setting goals, and working towards them from working with her. She is the BEST! Working with her will make you better at whatever goals you pursue.
~ Jania H., Teacher

Candice is definitely one of a kind!  I’ve had trainers previously, but never anyone who was so dedicated to my fitness journey.  She did weekly check ins to be sure I stayed on track with my goals.  She helped me with a nutrition plan that worked for me. And although I wasn’t always on target, she was ALWAYS encouraging me to refocus.  Candice has a way of making you feel like a million bucks even when you’re in the red, lol. I would recommend anyone to her who needs to start, restart or go harder. She’s the real deal!
~ Sherenna C., Exec. Admin Assistant

I met Candice in a professional setting a few years ago, and recently had the occasion to hire her as my workout trainer. In this capacity Candice was again the consummate professional. Candice not only provided a workout regimen for me, but she was punctual, enthusiastic, and intelligent in her approach. All qualities that demonstrate her work ethic…and inspire others to achieve their goals.
~ Janis D., Financial Advisor

What I have found refreshing about Candice is that she is not into herself, but into Christ in her, the hope of glory!!!
~ Bill S., Chiropractor

Candice is amazing trainer, plus a woman of God. I get a powerful workout and equal spiritual workout with her. Love you girl!!!
~ Sharlie N., Recruiter

Candice knows what’s up and what’s down. And it’s me, up and down those stairs and hills. She’s a great motivator!”
~ Tony J., Marketing & IT Specialist

Candice kept me motivated…and that was a job in itself!
~ Terri L,. Teacaher

Candice’s qualities span far beyond physical results, but to promote a holistic healthy living lifestyle. She evokes a spirit of improvement in all aspects of life.”
~ Shay M., Business Owner

I’ll never forget doing the 300 workout with Candice, I loved how she was able to push me and keep me motivated to finish it in 20 minutes, which I thought was impossible”.
~ Alice N., Entreprenuer