Choosing Fitness that Fits

Determination picture

Congratulations!  You have made the decision to do something wonderful for yourself – kick start your fitness. You consulted your doctor, were given the green light.  You know your numbers and where you want them to be; the only thing left is to get started.   Getting started is the easy part.  Remaining active is the real challenge.  Before you run out to sign up for that new fitness club membership, here are some helpful tips to improve your odds of sticking to your fitness goals.

  1. Know your why. List your reasons for starting.  Include one or two specific details behind the reason.  Create a vision board to support your effort.
  2. Set realistic goals.  Be honest with yourself about your abilities. Starting with the heavy weights when you have never handled a weight before is a sure way to not only set yourself up for failure, but also for injury. Humble beginnings lead to strong endings.
  3. Diversify your activity. Spice up your exercise life by adding activities you have never tried.  In lieu of your 45-minute treadmill walk, take a Zumba or spin class.  Now that the weather’s warming up, take your activities outside to a park or nature trail.
  4. Use the Buddy System. People who partner for fitness exercise longer. Besides, it’s nice to have encouragement.
  5. Be patient with yourself. Many people become discouraged or feel as if they are not making progress.  As with anything in life, success requires commitment and consistency.  Ultimately, your investment in yourself should mean more than anything.  Whenever you feel discouraged, refer to your list and remember why you started. You are doing this for you!

As you settle into your routine, remember to celebrate your small wins.  Eventually, they amount to huge victories. Show up and make fitness FUN!