Customized Nutrition


CMF’s Customized Nutrition Plan: An in-depth customized plan that teaches you how to eat clean for life.



Most individuals are clueless as to how much they should eat, when they should eat, and what they should eat. CMF’s Customized Nutrition Plan removes the guesswork. We teach you how to follow simple principles that alleviate the headache of counting calories, protein or carbohydrates on a daily basis!

  • Work with Candice personally to build your customized plan
  • Eliminate your nutritional limiting fact
  • Learn and implement the 5 CMF Nutritional Habits
  • Enjoy 3 coaching calls with Candice over 4 weeks
  • Determine visual cues to estimate portion sizes
  • Discover strategies for eating on the go
  • Identify superfoods and their respective food categories
  • Utilize the CMF Nutrition Workbook for tips and references