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Why Busy People Need Health Coaches: Success is a Double-Edged Sword

The life of an executive is often a constant battle to stay on top, professionally and personally. According to the Mayo Clinic, 90% of executives struggle with work-life balance and 73% live a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in 40% of CEOs being obese.  The demands of being an executive typically result in less sleep, more work hours, and frequent travel. These factors increase the risk for sleep deprivation, heart disease, depression, stroke, and diabetes amongst executives.

Statistic about how busy people struggle with work life balance
Statistic about how busy CEO business executives are obese

Professional demands often make it difficult to find the time or energy to make good health choices, but there is hope. In fact, executives who focus on their wellness are better able to achieve higher productivity levels.

What It’s Like to Work with a Health Coach

Certified health coaches listen to their clients’ needs and challenges. In addition, they empower them to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent, mitigate, and, in some cases, reverse chronic diseases. They provide the direction necessary to assist their clients with optimizing their health and wellbeing, enhancing their ability to truly thrive. In other words, health coaches hold their clients accountable, guiding and directing them.

What a Health Coach Does for You

A certified health coach focuses on the whole person by looking at a broader, more comprehensive view of one’s life. A health coach:

  • Awakens you to your own unique skills, strengths, abilities, and untapped potential by utilizing behavior-change techniques
  • Helps you optimize your physical, mental, and overall well-being so you can truly thrive in life
  • Acts as both your personal trainer and nutrition coach by designing customized workout and nutrition plans

In essence, a health coach helps you move from mediocre or good health to great health!

Benefits of Working with Candice McField Fitness

Train Anywhere

Global technology utilization for online health coaching

Initial Welcome

Set goals using our seasons coaching model

Coaching Calls

Stay motivated through regular check-ins

Weekly Workouts

Proven systems to transform your life

Nutrition Education

Customized nutrition to fuel your transformation

Plateau Breakers

Candice will come to your gym and train with you

Unlimited Support

Regular communications via phone, text, and email

Unparalleled Results

Conquer your goals and transform your physique

Who You Are

•  Enjoy working out
• Have a demanding schedule
• Value your limited time
• Travel frequently

Your Desires

• Take your physique to another level
• Have efficient & effective workouts
• Save time – stop planning your workouts
• Have accountability

Inspirational quote that reads Even Michael Jordan had a coach