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Fitness is a personal journey. If you want to be your best, you have to train with the best. Candice McField Fitness helps executives arise and fulfill their fit potential.


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Breakthrough, Elevate and Arise! to your Fit Potential

Executives looking to achieve optimal fitness turn to Candice McField Fitness (CMF). Since 2009, CMF has perfected the art of keeping executives fit while life keeps them on the go. CMF clients recognize that to achieve unparalleled health and fitness results, they need an experienced health coach who understands executive work/life demands, develops comprehensive gameplans, and utilizes global technology allowing them to train anytime, anywhere. As the leader in elite online health coaching, CMF puts a personal trainer and nutrition coach in clients’ hands, helping them reach their goals.

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“I enjoyed working with Candice. As we started working together she asked great questions to help me think through what goals I wanted to accomplish. The way she held me accountable was authentic and motivating. While we worked together I changed my goals along the way and Candice was very flexible and supportive. She wanted to do everything she could to help me accomplish my goals. It was a great experience. “

Cameron S.

“Candice has truly revolutionized my working out experience. Prior to Candice, I was logging in roughly 10 miles daily and doing light weights. I was frustrated as I really wasn’t seeing results in my body, and given my increasing work schedule I could no longer spend 2.5 hours a day at the gym. Working with Candice has been an amazing blessing for me, in that she taught me how to workout efficiently.”

Jerry C.
Vice President, Requirements & Capabilities

“Candice’s holistic approach to fitness updated my health mindset and shook up my active lifestyle. She crafted a fitness strategy and week-to-week workout plans that seamlessly integrated into my life and travel schedule…”

Heather P.
Chief Discoverability Officer