Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle


How an online health coach can help?

In the pursuit of life and success, your health is often left behind. Especially when school, careers, family, friends, and obligations consume your life. However, life and success are irrelevant if you are 6 feet under! Your health matters and developing work/life/wellness balance is critical. With Candice McField Fitness, you will discover the difference it makes to always have a coach in your corner. You will learn and apply wellness, nutrition, exercise, and sleep strategies to help you unlock a personal transformation to get, and stay, on track. You will Arise! to a new you!

As your coach and one of your biggest cheerleaders I challenge you, help you find creative solutions for maintaining work/life/wellness balance, and guide you to results. Whether your goal is to make exercise a habit, make better choices when eating out, or increase your energy, I can help you accomplish any and all of your wellness lifestyle goals.

Pillars of Making Wellness a Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle centers around unlocking optimal performance in four areas.

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Implementing sound
nutritional habits consistently

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Working out efficiently
and effectively every week


Sleeping 7 to 8
hours every night


Empowering your
mindset to stay on track



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