Executive Fitness Success Stories

Helping Busy Executives Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Busy Executives Can Get Healthy with Candice McField Fitness

Candice Crafted a Fitness Strategy

“Candice’s holistic approach to fitness updated my health mindset and shook up my active lifestyle. She crafted a fitness strategy and week-to-week workout plans that seamlessly integrated into my life and travel schedule. Her personalized workouts and nutritional resources helped me cultivate a healthier, fitter and more balanced lifestyle.

Whether I’m in a hotel room or a conference center, she has flexible solutions, ensuring that my fitness journey can continue uninterrupted. What stands out most is Candice’s incredible ability to motivate me and hold me accountable, even when things are challenging. Her enthusiasm and dedication are contagious, keeping me motivated and driven throughout the execution of our game plan.

The results speak for themselves – I am healthier, more energetic, and more focused, and I improved in all the key areas we set targets for. But beyond the physical benefits, I’ve gained a more confident approach to my fitness, nutrition and all aspects of overall wellness, and I feel like I have the knowledge and tools for success. Working with Candice has been a great decision for my well being!”

Heather P.
Chief Discoverability Officer

Candice Revolutionized My Workouts

“Candice has truly revolutionized my working out experience. Prior to Candice, I was logging in roughly 10 miles daily and doing light weights. I was frustrated as I really wasn’t seeing results in my body, and given my increasing work schedule I could no longer spend 2.5 hours a day at the gym. Working with Candice has been an amazing blessing for me, in that she taught me how to workout efficiently. Candice custom designs my workouts and definitely feel the burn and I’m seeing results. My body has never looked better and I’m not spending nearly as much time at the gym daily. Efficiency and effectivity: the 2 critical things that Candice has done and continues to do for me with my workouts. She keeps my body guessing, and I’m seeing the results. If you want to revolutionize your workouts, Candice is the answer.”

Jerry C.
Vice President, Requirements & Capabilities

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“Candice is a strong trainer. She walks her talk! She is an encouraging, positive, creative person who really cares about her clients. She motivated and kept me on track for my fitness competition. An authentic coach.”
Suzanne J.
Business Owner

“Training with Candice has transformed my mindset and lifestyle- and not just through intense workouts. My diet has always been my challenge. With talking through my diet decisions weekly with Candice, my food choices (and portion sizes) have become distinctively different. I now instinctually make better choices, and my body loves it!”

Antoinette F.
Lieutenant Commander

“Candice puts the “A” in AMAZING!!! Not only is she a great coach and very knowledgeable, she really cares about her clients and their well being.”
Tomico G.
Business Owner

So Grateful

I am so grateful for Candice McField! Candice centers our individual goals for fitness, nutrition, and health. It is not so much what Candice wants for us, rather it is what we want for ourselves and what we are willing to work for.

Candice helps me think about the bigger picture and discover how I want to live my best life in a way that honors both my body and mind. Change is constant, setbacks happen, and success is even more meaningful due to our hard work together.

Em B.
Executive Director

Authentic and Motivating

“I enjoyed working with Candice. As we started working together she asked great questions to help me think through what goals I wanted to accomplish. The way she held me accountable was authentic and motivating. While we worked together I changed my goals along the way and Candice was very flexible and supportive. She wanted to do everything she could to help me accomplish my goals. It was a great experience. “

Cameron S.

candice mcfield signature

Working with Candice has been an excellent experience. My biggest win is learning to trust and embrace my body and where I am in the journey. We’ve built sustainable habits that I feel confident I can keep up for the long-term. Candice helped me move in a way that supports the person I want to be!
~ Carrie F., MD

Candice took my nutrition and workouts to the next level. Her efficient and results oriented style works great for a busy executive like me.
~ Tammy E., Vice President

Candice is an outstanding coach. She knows how to help people reach their goals, because she lives it, every day. She is highly committed to helping you create optimal health. Her program works with my busy travel schedule!
~ Laura O., CEO

Candice is a well rounded trainer that touches all aspects of fundamental health gains! Candice goes beyond teaching you how to appear healthy, her programs start with a mental approach and moves on to personal commitment and self recognition.
~ Marlon P., VP of Operations

Being over 40 and having a chronic disease, I thought I would never be able to look or feel the way I used to. Candice changed all of that by giving me the tools that work for me – my life is my own again!
~ Brooke F., Sr. International Marketing Lead

I really enjoyed the targeted area workout. It was a refreshing challenge each time.
~ Denisse M., International Marketing Director

Candice showed me how to truly keep my meals to what my body needs. She showed me how to EAT.
~ Erika M., Business Owner

Candice’s qualities span far beyond physical results, but to promote a holistic healthy living lifestyle. She evokes a spirit of improvement in all aspects of life.
~ Shay M., Business Owner