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You will hear many people in fitness suggest that body composition results rely 80% on diet and 20% on exercise. I completely disagree! Both are equally and independently important. This is why I developed Candice McField University – to help clients Arise!® and unlock optimal performance. Exercise is 100% necessary. Nutrition is 100% necessary. Rest is 100% necessary. Understanding your genetics is 100% necessary. Without all four, reaching the upper limits of performance and body change is nearly impossible! The bullseye, unlocking optimal performance, lies in the intersection of all four. When you know what to do and understand why you should do it, you are more likely to make wellness a valued part of your lifestyle!

CMF eCourses: In-depth wellness courses that will help you reach the upper limits of performance and body change.

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Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101
for People on the Go

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Strength Training 

Strength Training to Unlock Optimal Performance


Sleep Away
Inches and Pounds

Personal Transformation

As for Me
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CMF Elective eCourses

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