Customized Strength Training Plan

Train efficiently and effectively to Unlock Optimal Performance!


Most individuals are clueless as to how to properly strength train, when to make changes to their strength training regimen, and what exercises they should be doing. CMF’s Customized Strength Training Plan removes the guesswork. We teach you how to follow simple principles that will help you unlock optimal performance each time you hit the gym!

CMF Customized Strength Training Plan: An in-depth customized plan that teaches you how to unlock optimal performance.


Your Benefits

Customized Plan

Work with Candice personally
to build your customized plan

Eliminate Challenges

Eliminate your strength
training limiting factors

Training Habits

Learn and implement
the 3 CMF Training Habits

Coaching Calls

Enjoy 3 coaching calls
with Candice over 4 weeks


Skip Plateaus

Determine when to make
changes to your regimen

Muscle Groups

Discover exercises and muscle
groups to include in your regimen

Reps and Sets

Identify the number of
reps and sets to perform

CMF Workbook

Utilize the CMF Training Workbook for tips and references


Who You Are

• Tired of guessing at the gym
• Confused about strength training
• Unhappy with your workouts
• Value your limited time

Your Desires

• Train efficiently and effectively
• Workout based on YOUR goals and schedule
• Take your physique to another level
• Lose 1-2 pounds per week


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