Certified Health Coach FAQs

All You Need to Know About Working with a Certified Health Coach

Health Coaching Questions

What is the difference between a health coach and a personal trainer?

A personal trainer focuses on the physiological side of health such as exercising, muscle growth, and weight loss. A health coach can create workouts and exercise plans for weight loss or other goals, but they offer more of a mental well-being focus. Learn more about the differences between a health coach vs. personal or gym trainer. Read more to compare a Health Coach to a Personal Trainer…

Does a health coach make nutrition plans?

Yes, a personal health coach creates meal and workout plans to help clients establish healthy habits. In addition they:

  • Listens to their clients’ needs and challenges then guides, directs, and holds them accountable.
  • Empowers clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent, mitigate, and reverse chronic diseases.
  • Focuses on the whole person by looking at a broader, more comprehensive view of one’s life.
  • Helps clients achieve healthy routines to reach goals plus improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
  • Optimizes their clients’ health and wellbeing, enhancing their ability to truly thrive.

What certification(s) should a health coach have?ACE Certified Health Coach - Candice McField

A credible health coach will have a nationally accredited professional certification through one of the premier certifying agencies such as the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or the International Coach Federation (ICF). These are the highest standard of competence for a coaching professional and provide assurance to the general population that the coach has mastered foundational principles in coaching. The ACE Health Coach Certification is the only health coach certification accredited by the NCCA, and is considered the gold standard in health and fitness.

How often do we meet?

CMF clients stay motivated through regular weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly check-ins with Coach Candice depending upon their service tier. You can read more about the CMF Health Coaching Services here.

Is everything confidential?

Yes. All conversations and client information is private and confidential, as allowable by law. No personal information will be shared with anyone without the client’s express permission. Exceptions may be made if there is an imminent threat of serious injury to oneself or someone else.

Health Questions

I’ve tried a million diets and have lost a ton of weight, only to regain more back. How do I keep it off?

The key to permanent weight-loss success is to make lifestyle changes that include a healthy eating plan and ample physical activity.

I don’t have a lot of time. How can I fit a healthy exercise and nutrition program into my busy schedule?

There are small changes that do not take much extra time. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking in one of the far away slots at the grocery store as well as opting for the healthier choices if eating out (e.g. fast food, etc.) such as grilled chicken, salads, and even opting for kids meals (fewer calories) all make a difference.

What guidelines can I use to evaluate the quality of a diet?

When evaluating popular diets, ask the following questions: Is it healthy? How does the diet cut calories? Does the diet advocate exercise? Does it make sense?

Support Questions

Do you have any references or testimonials?

Yes!  As an Ace Certified Health Coach for more than 10 years, I have many happy clients. You can read their success stories here.

How do I become a CMF client?

After your initial consultation with Coach Candice, select the membership option that best suits your needs.  The CMF team will send you a link to solidify payment.

Do I have to be an executive to be a client?

No, the reality is a lot of people can identify with being busy and on-the-go. Our clients hold a variety of positions in numerous different industries. We simply cater a lot of our marketing to our niche as CMF is the fitness source for executives.

How does automatic billing work?

Depending on the billing cycle you sign-up for, clients will automatically be billed every quarter or year. The billing date will correspond with your date of purchase. For instance, if your billing cycle is quarterly and your initial payment is on March 23th, then your next payment will automatically be billed on June 23th.

What is your cancellation policy?

Candice McField Fitness strives to provide the best possible service to our clients and has a NO Refund policy. DUE TO THE UNIQUE NATURE OF OUR SERVICES, PLEASE BE AWARE OF OUR REFUND POLICY. IN ADDITION, A YEARLY COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED. Please reference our terms of service for the services provided herein.

What is your refund policy?

Clients on payment plans may stop using the health coaching services at any time. Termination of your account does not relieve Client of any obligation to pay any outstanding fees. Clients on payment plans will be billed 50% of your remaining contract obligation and is due upon cancellation. Please reference our terms of service for the services provided herein.