3 Tips to get Awesome Abs and Arms for Summer

Awesome Abs & Abs Video Pic

Candice with Fox 4 anchor Abby Eden and fitness model.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Now that Memorial Day is in the past, swimsuit season is officially here. Personal trainer Candice McField visited FOX 4 Tuesday with workouts for toning your arms and abs.

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Tip #1 – Change 2 of your ‘bad’ nutritional habits
• Ex. Eliminate/reduce sodas
• Ex. Eliminate/reduce dessert

Tip #2 – Double your cardio
• Currently doing zero minutes start with 20 minutes
• Currently doing 15 minutes increase it to 30 minutes

Tip #3 – Increase your water intake
• Strive for 1 gallon / day
• Buy a gallon water jug and carry it with you

Tip #4 – Strength train
• Arms 1 -2x/week
• Abs 4x/week

Essential Supplements

Last month I emphasized how supplements should be used when significant deficiencies exist in your diet plus how they are meant to support, not replace good eating. This month I will help you further understand how to utilize supplementation for your daily life on the road. In the table below are 4 essential supplements for regular or occasional use. It highlights the food equivalent, how often to use and when to use each supplement. As mentioned last month, the number one guideline is to consult with your physician before starting a supplement regimen. Click here to download our November article!

CMF November Aero Crew News Magazine

CMF November Aero Crew News Magazine