Industry Trends that Continue to Rise


CMF App on Apple WatchEach year new fitness trends are introduced and declares itself to be the greatest technique or device on the market.  Too many choices can be overwhelming, if not discouraging.  This article highlights three industry trends that are inexpensive and proven to yield results.

Industry Trend #1 – Body weight exercise.  Some of you may be puzzled by this industry trend.  While it is not new, it has been overshadowed by a plethora of gadgets, fit video infomercials, and gym membership advertisements.  Body weight exercise is experience a rebirth of sorts for several reasons:  it costs nothing, no equipment is required, moves can be modified to accommodate physical limitations, and its versatility offers both resistance and cardio benefits.  Exercises such as planks, push ups, squats, and others require nothing more than a little creativity with your reps and sets to challenge you.  Another great benefit of body weight exercise is that you can perform this type of workout practically anywhere.

Industry Trend #2 – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  HIIT is a highly effective form of cardio conditioning that combines short periods of maximum effort with active recovery.  Because this type of cardio keeps your heart rate elevated, you burn more calories in less time.  HIIT can be performed indoors or outdoors.

Industry Trend #3 – Fitness Gadgets.  Tracking devices can monitor anything from simply the number of steps you take, to how well you rest at night.  Basic tracking devices are fairly inexpensive while others can cost upwards of $200. Competitive runners may require a tracker that monitors distance and speed while others may want to achieve 10,000 steps a day.  In that case, a basic tracker is ideal.

In spite of all the options available, one thing is certain.  These trends will remain high on the list of popularity for years to come.