With more employees returning to office environments comes more time at our desks. Routinely sitting at desks can negatively affect posture and daily movement. It can be challenging to keep your weight loss and strength training goals in check when you’re working at a desk all day… but we’ve got you! 

Certified Health Coach Coach Candice McField shares some of the best exercises and stretches for office workers that you can do at your desk.

Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Exercises You Can Do at Your Standing Desk

Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk

Poor posture is becoming more common earlier in life—and its ramifications can, in some cases, be significant. For example, poor posture:

  • Is one of the main contributing factors that cause neck and back pain
  • Is one of the first indicators of degenerative joint disease
  • Can negatively affect the way you move
  • Can be the result of or the cause of your pain and dysfunction
  • Can create gastrointestinal (GI) struggles, because slouching can lead to the compression of internal organs

Desk Stretches for Neck & Shoulders

Leg Stretches While Sitting at Your Desk

Other Ways To Stay Active and Agile at Work

  • Go for walking meetings with your colleagues around the office or outside on a nicer day. 
  • Skip the elevator. Take the stairs every chance you can get. 
  • Get an exercise ball for your desk that helps engage your core while you work. 
  • Get a standing desk. There are plenty of fancy options out there, but you can also stack some books, boxes or get scrappy with these DIY standing desk ideas. 
  • Go big: treadmill desk or desk exercise bike.