As your corporate wellness consultant, we guide you through 7 Benchmarks. Building a credible framework can be difficult—we’re here to help—map out your results-oriented, worksite wellness program using fundamental principles and resources.

Align Leadership


Benchmark #1
Solidifying leaders that are deeply committed to the wellness of employees and in their own lives is an important first step to creating successful worksite wellness initiatives.




Create a Supportive Team

Benchmark #2
Creating a team that is dedicated to building and sustaining a successful worksite wellness initiative engages stakeholders at all levels and helps maintain a cooperative approach.

Collect Meaningful Data

Benchmark #3
Understanding employee populations and assessing the current state through data collection should measure what matters most to both the organization and the employees.

Craft an Operating Plan

Benchmark #4
Capturing and documenting an organization’s goals for wellness initiatives serve as a roadmap to guide efforts and investments. The plan should reflect the vision, values, and purpose of an organization.

Choose Supportive Initiatives

Benchmark #5
Selecting appropriate health and wellness interventions based on data collected serves to support employees across the health continuum toward healthy and thriving lives.


Cultivate Wellness as a Culture

Benchmark #6
Evaluating policies, practices, and promotions to ensure the environment aligns the wellness culture throughout the organization provides consistency with resources, interventions and the experience at work.


Organizations that are dedicated to the health of their employees utilize structure to help to build a results-oriented workplace wellness program. Doing so will not only benefit your company but your employees will thrive personally and professionally.

Evaluate, Communicate, and Celebrate

Benchmark #7
Determining the impact of efforts, how the approach can be improved, communicating the findings, and celebrating the successes are critical steps to ensure worksite wellness sustainability.