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Are You Sabotaging your Fitness Goals?

In fitness, like life, you face many obstacles. None of the obstacles you face will ever prove more challenging than when you face yourself.  How many times have you seen your fitness journey through to the end?  If you have not, what’s stopping you?  If you answered “me”, you are correct.  Most people sabotage their efforts before they really get started.  Here are some helpful tips help you overcome self-sabotage and finally achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Reprogram your thinking.  There is a popular saying, “You can’t build a positive life from a negative mind.”  The same is true for fitness.  Eliminate limiting beliefs and thoughts.  Eliminate the words “I can’t” and replace them with “I am”.  Do not focus on what you may not be able to do.  Instead, focus on what you are capable of performing.  For those things you may not be advanced enough to perform, it is not a matter of “I can’t”, but rather, “I can’t right now.”  Your perspective is everything when it comes to achieving what you want.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others.  While it is perfectly normal to aspire to reach a level someone you look up to has already achieved, do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to that individual.  Comparing your start to their middle or end is a sure way to derail your fitness goals.  Remember, you are not competing against anyone other than yourself.  Focus on becoming your best version of you.  Maintain a photo journal to see where you started and how far you have come.  It’s only you versus you.
  3. Manage your outcome expectations.  Be realistic in your expected outcomes.  If you have never run a day in your life, do not expect to run a 3K in one week.  Fitness, like anything else worthwhile, takes time.  Take your large fitness picture and break it into smaller, manageable parts. Rather than attempting to sprint to the finish line, pace yourself for the full length of the race.

Putting these three tips into practice will yield incredible returns on your fitness goals.  All change begins with self.  In order to do better, we must commit to being better.  Change your mind and you can most certainly change your life.

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Navigating Nutrition During the Holidays

As we enter the season of celebration, families and friends plan to gather for joyous occasions of stories, laughter, and feasting. This time of year typically sparks excitement and whets the appetites of many for great food.  Holiday eating doesn’t have to be a game of indulge now, regret later.  There are ways to enjoy the seasonal feast without compromising your waistline.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the festive spread.

  1. Don’t skip meals.  Skipping meals earlier in the day does not give you license for overindulgence at dinner.  In fact, skipping meals actually leads to consuming more calories.
  2. Start with vegetables.  Undoubtedly, festive meals include a plethora of carbs, as well as protein.  You can still enjoy some of those favorite foods that aren’t normally a part of your daily nutrition. First, fill half of your plate with veggies first.  Next, opt for proteins before finally rounding out your meal with smaller portions of your indulgence.
  3. Plan healthier meals.  If you are hosting the event, opt for healthier replacements to some of your traditional ingredients (e.g., sub egg whites for whole eggs – 2:1 ratio).
  4. Make time for light activity.  Some movement is better than none at all.  Take a walk after your meal or plan time earlier in the day to get some form of activity in.
  5. Avoid calorie-rich beverages. Don’t lose calories by drinking them.  Instead of carbonated beverages like soda or other sugary drinks like iced tea, opt for sparkling water, or, water with a twist of lemon or lime.

Staying on track during the holidays can be tricky but with the right tools, you can successfully navigate your nutrition to satisfy your palate and maintain your fitness goals.  Remember, accountability, like consistency, is the key to ensuring your success.


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A Day in the Life of CMF Client, Karena

Candice with client Karena T.Personal training is a highly rewarding field for clients and coaches.  Clients receive the tools and expert insight necessary to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.  Coaches witness the transformations of their clients, feeling privileged to be a part of the success.  This week, we spoke with Karena T., one of Candice’s clients.  We asked her to share her insight from a client’s perspective regarding the benefits and value add of having a personal trainer.  Here is what she shared regarding her experience, things learned, and working with Candice.

Since beginning your fitness journey, what accomplishment are you most proud of and why?

I started my weight loss Journey in 2011. I am most proud that I have lost the weight I wanted to lose and kept it off, and with Candice’s help I am now in process of toning my body.

What are the top 3 things you do to maintain your progress, and do you have any tricks you utilize to stay fit?

I go to bed early, stay motivated to go to the gym, and I try to get outside to do activities.

How do you overcome the days you do not feel like working out or eating clean?

I remind myself that I do not want to go back to the weight I started at.

For someone who is on the fence about making a healthy lifestyle change, what words of encouragement would you tell them?

Once you start eating better and working out, you will feel so much better about yourself.

Describe your experience working with Candice McField Fitness.

It has been fantastic! I love the workouts that are sent to me, most of them I have never done before and I like trying new things.


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Candid interview with Candice McField (Part 2)

Candice McField

Part 1 of our interview last week with Candice McField gave us an inside look into what drives her passion for fitness and helping others through fitness coaching.  This week, Candice McField happily answers your fitness and nutrition questions.

We sat down with Candice one week after taking the stage and here are her responses to your inquiries:

What advice would you give people who want to improve their fitness but feel they don’t have the time?

Remember the saying ‘Una mas’.  It’s Spanish for “one more.”  I say it all the time in life and especially when working out.  There is power in “one more.”  Do one more rep, hit the gym one more day, get started one more time, don’t give up one more time, etc.  For those that feel they don’t have the time, I would say the first step is to admit they are making an excuse.  The truth is we are all busy and do not have time.  The difference is we make time for the people we love and the things that are important to us.  I would say to that person, give me 10 minutes a day, and let’s grow from there.  The cost of ten minutes of working out greatly exceeds the cost of today’s medical bills, health complications, or the devastation your family will feel should something tragic happen to you.  Start today, no excuses.  Give me 10 minutes and remember, una mas.

How do I train my brain to ignore instant gratification and stay focused on long-term results?

Personally, I have always been highly driven.  I won’t lie, it can be quite challenging, even for me, to ignore instant gratification and focus on long-term results.  Those who know me well know I love desserts – ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes, you name it!  Moreover, I can’t forget about pizza, Mexican food, and adult beverages!  I definitely indulge and take part in the “good life,” but my overall goal is to eat clean 90% of the time when I’m off-season.  I know if I stick with this, I will maintain where I want to be until it is time for me to roll back to in-season mode.  Your long-term goals have to outweigh your short-term desires.  For instance, I love Mexican food and I love a great margarita.  If I am going to have a margarita, then I will order a salad.  If I am not going to have a margarita then I’ll order a traditional dish.  Lastly, I do not beat myself up if I fall off-the bandwagon.  I rarely have a ‘cheat day’ rather it will be a chat meal a few times a week.  Remember, una mas.  Get on the bandwagon and stay on the bandwagon.

I’m cursed with butt and thighs, what are your secret workout tricks to keep those butt and thighs tight and right?

I am sure some people would kill to be cursed with glutes and thighs!  We tend to be the toughest critics of our own bodies and I totally understand the desire to want to keep things right and tight.  Many minorities, especially African Americans tend to hold most of their weight in their glutes, hips, and quads.  There is not a secret workout trick to combat this.  You have to do everything…eat clean, workout consistently, sleep 7-8 hours consistently, etc.  Training for my show this year, I incorporated a new exercise to assist with my glute and hip development.  Not only do I walk at an incline, I also walk sideways, working the abductor and adductor muscles.  It is an incredible way to keep the glutes, hips, and quads right and tight.

What’s the best trick to shred those last 5 pounds?  Should I do more sprints or more ab workouts?

It is not a question of more sprints or ab workouts.  Simply doing only one of the two options most likely won’t get you to your 5-pound weight loss goal.  It’s about eating clean and in this case, 100% of the time, plus increasing your cardio and getting adequate rest.  Those last five pounds most likely require you to dial in your nutrition and increase your cardio versus doing more ab workouts.

What’s the best cardio to tone or weight workout routine to tone?  Do I do more reps at lighter weight or heavier weights?

There is no one-method-fits-all to tone.  It is more about constantly keeping your body guessing and conquering plateaus.  It is also about listening and understanding your body to know what exactly is best for you.  For example, I know my body can handle carbs better than some others can.  I also know that incline work and sprints are great for my body.  This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way to unlock optimal performance for everyone else.  Overtime, you will discover what is best for you.  The main idea is to keep the body guessing by diversifying your reps, sets, and amount of weight used.  Lastly, I truly think it is important to give your body one day off per week to recover.

How often do you think we should have a cheat meal?  Should we have one cheat meal per week or one cheat meal every 2 weeks?

There is no hard, set rule.  As always, it’s about understanding your body and knowing what works best for you.  Whether you should or should not consume cheat meals depends on what your goals are and how close you are to meeting those goals.  For example, an individual may need to achieve 100% accuracy in all areas (e.g., nutrition, strength training, sleep) in order to reach their goal.  If that is the case, there can be no cheat meals.  The number of cheat meals one can have varies from 0-4 (maybe 5), depending on where they are starting and where they’d like to end in terms of personal fitness goals.  What’s more important to note is that we are speaking of cheat meals, not days.  Cheat meals must be reasonable.  You can’t eat an entire large pizza and call that a cheat meal.  A cheat meal would be two slices of pizza.


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