New Year, New You!

2017 is history! The time to regain control of your overall health and well being through exercise, nutrition and rest is NOW! Before beginning, here is some important information.

1. Commitment, consistency, and candor are required
2. Your efforts determine your results. Do your best for you!
3. Your fitness journey goes beyond the physical. Dig deep and renew your thinking.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to improve your fitness, the first step of your journey takes place in your mind. Reflect on your reasons for pursuing fitness. More importantly, be honest with yourself.

List your top three reasons for change and rank them in priority order(1 being the top reason). Again, be honest with yourself as your reasons will directly propel your inner motivation. No reason is too small or too grand and you may have reasons that overlap.

Wishing a successful and healthy 2018!
~Team CMF

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Healthy holidays can be fun, too!

Can you believe it is already December?  It’s a great time to reflect on your fitness journey and your progress.  If you have been maintaining a fitness journal, I encourage you to flip through some of your earlier entries to remember your physical and emotional challenges.  Look at where you are today. Those strides you’ve made are highly commendable!

The season of festive foods is still upon us and that means temptation abounds.  Don’t derail all the progress you’ve made for a few days of regrettable indulgence.  Unbelievably, you can have a holiday that is healthy and fun, too!  Incorporating healthy alternatives can ensure you satisfy your palate while maintaining your fitness gains.  Don’t ditch those smaller size jeans for stretchy joggers this holiday; try one of these alternative recipes instead.

Ditch the traditional Eggnog.  If you are like most and simply have to have Eggnog this time of year, keep in mind a single glass is roughly 500 calories!  Make your own dairy- and alcohol-free eggnog this year!  We found a wonderful Honey Almond Eggnog recipe (get it here) that requires 5 minutes of prep time and serves approximately 6-8 people.

Spice up your veggie life. If you are someone who becomes bored quickly with the traditional veggie prep during the holidays, give your veggies a hearty kick of citrus and spice.  Cooking Light has a wonderful Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetable recipe you will love!

Exchanging some of your traditional dishes with some of these alternatives can help keep your waistline in check.  Ultimately, accountability is what keeps us on track.  Pace yourself.  Give yourself 10-15 minutes after your first meal to listen to your body.  If full, there’s no need for seconds.

During this season of giving, be sure to give yourself one of the greatest gifts of all, health, and fitness.

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Are You Sabotaging your Fitness Goals?

In fitness, like life, you face many obstacles. None of the obstacles you face will ever prove more challenging than when you face yourself.  How many times have you seen your fitness journey through to the end?  If you have not, what’s stopping you?  If you answered “me”, you are correct.  Most people sabotage their efforts before they really get started.  Here are some helpful tips help you overcome self-sabotage and finally achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Reprogram your thinking.  There is a popular saying, “You can’t build a positive life from a negative mind.”  The same is true for fitness.  Eliminate limiting beliefs and thoughts.  Eliminate the words “I can’t” and replace them with “I am”.  Do not focus on what you may not be able to do.  Instead, focus on what you are capable of performing.  For those things you may not be advanced enough to perform, it is not a matter of “I can’t”, but rather, “I can’t right now.”  Your perspective is everything when it comes to achieving what you want.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others.  While it is perfectly normal to aspire to reach a level someone you look up to has already achieved, do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to that individual.  Comparing your start to their middle or end is a sure way to derail your fitness goals.  Remember, you are not competing against anyone other than yourself.  Focus on becoming your best version of you.  Maintain a photo journal to see where you started and how far you have come.  It’s only you versus you.
  3. Manage your outcome expectations.  Be realistic in your expected outcomes.  If you have never run a day in your life, do not expect to run a 3K in one week.  Fitness, like anything else worthwhile, takes time.  Take your large fitness picture and break it into smaller, manageable parts. Rather than attempting to sprint to the finish line, pace yourself for the full length of the race.

Putting these three tips into practice will yield incredible returns on your fitness goals.  All change begins with self.  In order to do better, we must commit to being better.  Change your mind and you can most certainly change your life.

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