Couples who exercise together…

February is the month of love. This is the season of flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. While you are thinking about that perfect gift for your partner this month, consider the gift of health and fitness. Studies show that people working toward improving their health by adopting healthy habits, including exercise, have greater success when their counterparts are pursuing similar interests.

University College London (UCL) Psychologist, Sarah Jackson stated, “Now is the time to make resolutions to quit smoking, begin exercise, or lose weight. And doing it with your partner increases your chances of success.” In a recent study done by UCL of more than 3,000 couples, research indicated both men and women were impacted by their partners’ habits. If you’re wondering what’s in it for you, here are just a few incentives to consider:

  1. Gain more time. Let’s face it, life gets in the way. Most relationships struggle with finding quality time together. Making healthy habits such as exercise or meal prep a requirement in which you both actively participate, gives you more time to be with one another.
  2. Share new experiences. You may be a fitness enthusiast, but your partner may not be (or vice versa). Engaging in activities together allows you to create new memories as you discover new ways to connect. Brisk nature walks, a neighborhood run, or taking part in something neither of you have tried before can rekindle smoldering flames.
  3. Pursue a shared vision. Couples with a common vision sync on multiple levels. Setting goals together automatically creates accountability. The synchronicity established when pursuing shared goals draw you closer to each other.
  4. Improve your sex life. In addition to the many benefits increased exercise brings, elevated stamina is one of them. Increased activity releases endorphins and a side effect to that is increased desire.

So after the flowers and candy, or dinner and a movie, engage in a healthy sweat session. The perks are as sweet and rich as any box of chocolates!