Mike Taylor Tribute

This week’s blog is dedicated to our Director of Marketing and the entire Taylor Family,
in memory of Mike Taylor.


On behalf of Team CMF, we dedicate this week’s blog to honoring the life and legacy of Mike Taylor. Our deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers extend to the Taylor Family during this difficult time.

Pops Taylor, it was a privilege to meet you and to have spent time with you. We celebrate you and carry your wisdom and your spirit with us.


Fitness in Transit: Take your fitness on the road

For many, travel can wreak havoc on fitness consistency. Some have a difficult time due to schedule changes. Others struggle with locating a fitness center if the hotel doesn’t have one. Nearly all travelers have a hard time with proper nutrition, as most options available are not the best.

Whether you are jet setting across the country for a work convention, or backpacking through Europe, there are ways to take your fitness with you – even if there’s no gym around and food selections aren’t that great.

Take your fitness on the road with these helpful tips.

  1. Carry bottled water and a few meals. Hydration is great for many things. It helps the body function properly and curtails hunger. Carry bottled water with you while traveling to avoid purchasing sugary (and calorie-filled) drinks. Avoid processed snacks and unhealthy food choices by packing your own snacks (e.g., protein powder, fresh fruits/veggies, and nuts/seeds).
  2. Get creative with your resistance training. If you suspect your hotel or other lodging will not have a fitness center, get creative in your hotel room. Body weight exercises are great for resistance training. If you want to add a little punch, pack a jump rope or some resistance bands.
  3. Take your fitness outdoors. Fortunately, we live in the age of technology. Download a free app such as Map My Run and plan a walking/running route. If you like to monitor your level of exertion, be sure to pack your heart rate monitor to capture your distance, heart rate, and number of steps! Also, consider exploring your surroundings. Take a walk around the town to get an extra, low-impact cardio session in.

Travel doesn’t have to hinder your progress or cause your fitness endeavors to come to a screeching halt. All you need is a willingness to commit to doing something beneficial for you, even when away for work, or play.