3 Tips to get Awesome Abs and Arms for Summer

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Candice with Fox 4 anchor Abby Eden and fitness model.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Now that Memorial Day is in the past, swimsuit season is officially here. Personal trainer Candice McField visited FOX 4 Tuesday with workouts for toning your arms and abs.

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Tip #1 – Change 2 of your ‘bad’ nutritional habits
• Ex. Eliminate/reduce sodas
• Ex. Eliminate/reduce dessert

Tip #2 – Double your cardio
• Currently doing zero minutes start with 20 minutes
• Currently doing 15 minutes increase it to 30 minutes

Tip #3 – Increase your water intake
• Strive for 1 gallon / day
• Buy a gallon water jug and carry it with you

Tip #4 – Strength train
• Arms 1 -2x/week
• Abs 4x/week

Industry Trends that Continue to Rise


CMF App on Apple WatchEach year new fitness trends are introduced and declares itself to be the greatest technique or device on the market. Too many choices can be overwhelming, if not discouraging. This article highlights three industry trends that are inexpensive and proven to yield results.

Industry Trend #1 – Body weight exercise. Some of you may be puzzled by this industry trend. While it is not new, it has been overshadowed by a plethora of gadgets, fit video infomercials, and gym membership advertisements. Body weight exercise is experience a rebirth of sorts for several reasons: it costs nothing, no equipment is required, moves can be modified to accommodate physical limitations, and its versatility offers both resistance and cardio benefits. Exercises such as planks, push ups, squats, and others require nothing more than a little creativity with your reps and sets to challenge you. Another great benefit of body weight exercise is that you can perform this type of workout practically anywhere.

Industry Trend #2 – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a highly effective form of cardio conditioning that combines short periods of maximum effort with active recovery. Because this type of cardio keeps your heart rate elevated, you burn more calories in less time. HIIT can be performed indoors or outdoors.

Industry Trend #3 – Fitness Gadgets. Tracking devices can monitor anything from simply the number of steps you take, to how well you rest at night. Basic tracking devices are fairly inexpensive while others can cost upwards of $200. Competitive runners may require a tracker that monitors distance and speed while others may want to achieve 10,000 steps a day. In that case, a basic tracker is ideal.

In spite of all the options available, one thing is certain. These trends will remain high on the list of popularity for years to come.

Choosing Fitness that Fits

Determination picture

Congratulations! You have made the decision to do something wonderful for yourself  kick start your fitness. You consulted your doctor, were given the green light. You know your numbers and where you want them to be; the only thing left is to get started. Getting started is the easy part. Remaining active is the real challenge. Before you run out to sign up for that new fitness club membership,here are some helpful tips to improve your odds of sticking to your fitness goals.

  1. Know your why. List your reasons for starting. Include one or two specific details behind the reason. Create a vision board to support your effort.
  2. Set realistic goals. Be honest with yourself about your abilities. Starting with the heavy weights when you have never handled a weight before is a sure way to not only set yourself up for failure, but also for injury. Humble beginnings lead to strong endings.
  3. Diversify your activity. Spice up your exercise life by adding activities you have never tried. In lieu of your 45-minute treadmill walk, take a Zumba or spin class. Now that the weather is warming up, take your activities outside to a park or nature trail.
  4. Use the Buddy System. People who partner for fitness exercise longer. Besides, it is nice to have encouragement.
  5. Be patient with yourself. Many people become discouraged or feel as if they are not making progress. As with anything in life, success requires commitment and consistency. Ultimately, your investment in yourself should mean more than anything. Whenever you feel discouraged, refer to your list and remember why you started. You are doing this for you!

As you settle into your routine, remember to celebrate your small wins. Eventually, they amount to huge victories. Show up and make fitness FUN!

Spring Fitness Kickoff

Spring into Fitness

It is that time of year again where we trade heavy coats for light sweaters. Summer is around the corner and for many of us, fitness is on the brain. I commend your eagerness to shed the winter layers this spring by adopting a new exercise regimen but be mindful that fitness is not one-dimensional. Physical fitness is just one aspect of the wellness wheel and what goes on in your mind and body is equally important. Fitness requires more than physical strength and endurance; it demands mental focus and proper tools such as good nutrition and patience. Because our physical appearance can significantly impact our mental state, it is important to take stock of where we are, currently.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In its honor, I encourage you to assess yours as it relates to your desire to dive into a new exercise program. If you are not certain where to begin, try answering these questions.

  1. Are you mentally prepared to begin a fitness program? It is important to understand the fitness journey is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be triumphs (weight loss, improved mood, etc.), obstacles (e.g., temptation, breaking old habits) and occasionally, setbacks (e.g., plateaus).
  2. How much time/effort are you willing to commit to your fitness program? It takes more than intention to succeed. Action is required. Are you willing to make time to set yourself up for success?

As you sit with these questions, be honest with yourself. If you determine that you are all in, consult with your physician before beginning an exercise routine to determine your physical readiness. Do not let it discourage you if you must start slow. Starting is always better than standing still. Here’s to your health!