Feel your best in your 60s


Candice with Fox 4 anchor Loren Halifax and fitness models.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Fitness is important at every age, but the type of physical activity you engage in should vary depending on your age.

Health and fitness coach Candice McField says you can push yourself at any age, but it’s important to understand the best type of workouts for your age to prevent injuries.

Biggest Challenge

  • Joint issues like arthritis, bad knees, hips, back become common
    Goal: To not let aches and pains cause you to give up on exercise. Continue to push yourself but alter your exercise activities


  • Focus on balance and stretching
  • Strength Training
    • Alphabet leg lifts(balance); abductors (stretch); lats (stretch)
  • Resistance training is still important
    • 3x per week use lighter weights
  • Cardio
    • 3x/ week focus on cardio that DOES NOT stress the joints
    • ex: slow jogs, walking, water aerobics, bicycle

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Tips to stay fit in your 50s


Candice with Fox 4 Morning Show anchor Mark Alford

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Physical fitness is important at every age, but it becomes even more important as we get older.

Health and fitness coach Candice McField says the biggest challenge people in their 50’s face while trying to get fit is increased recovery time.

“Can you still play a full game of tennis?” Candice asks. ” Sure, but can you play another game of tennis the next day with the same intensity? Maybe not.”

Tips from Candice:

Explore new active hobbies
Biking, gardening, tennis, golf
Strength Training: 2-3x per week – full body
Cardio: 5-6x/ week – 20-40 minutes

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