CMF Fox 4 News Workout

Don’t forget try to the CMF Fox 4 challenge: Until the end of the year, anytime you hear the words holiday(s) or holiday season do a static ab crunch (crunch down on your abs by blowing the air out of your stomach and lungs). Hold the crunch for 10 seconds! Then via CMF and Fox 4 social media tell us how many static ab crunches you did for the day, a funny story or anything about your experience. Click here to download the workout.


Thank You

My training season has come to a close but I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for all your support along my 23 week journey. Also, a special thank you to my stylist and make-up artist, Shay. To my workout partners – Sharlie, Collier and Angelique. To the CMF team – Tony, Brooke, Gene & Seth. Last but not least to my family, friends and clients! I cannot thank everyone enough for your continued love and support! As always,Arise! ~Candice