Born to Fly – Pilot Jordan

In a previous post (7-27-12), I stated, one of the most joyous things I have done in life was start an annual scholarship for my high school alma mater, Sumner Academy.  I ran it in 2006 and 2007. The first year Jordan was one of the three recipients and it has been a pleasure to mentor him, see him obtain his bachelor’s degree and now live his dream of being an airline pilot!!!  Today, he was featured on Charlotte’s radio station WGIV (103.3) during their Inspirational Corner (Shake It Up) about being a young African American pilot.

I loved when you said “there was never a Plan B!  Plan B is to make Plan A work!!!”  This is so powerful and why you are living out your dreams today!  Congratulations and I’m so proud of you!  Keep doing your thing!

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