KPRS Generation Rap – Youth Obesity

I was a featured speaker for KPRS’s Generation Rap show. The topic was youth obesity. One out of three children are overweight. America we must do better!…How did we get this far!

The Truth
Written by: Candice McField
Voiceover by: Cynthia Kaye McWilliams


My eyes see
My heart bleeds
My mind can’t comprehend
How we got this far…

How PE is one of the first programs cut
How kids don’t play outside anymore
How parents physically can’t play or keep up with their kids
How fast food is the norm and family dinner at a table is foreign
How kids have to pay to play school sports but what happens to those who can’t afford
How Type 2 diabetes now affects just as many youth as it does adults
STOP, Candice because ignorance is bliss
Yea, but I say welcome to The Truth

My eyes see
My heart bleeds
My mind can’t comprehend,
How we got this far?

So use me Lord, please use me!
So people take baby steps
So people see results
So people Arise!
to be all You’ve called them to be

Then they too will see
Their hearts will bleed
Their minds won’t be able to comprehend,
How we got this far.